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Yes, we deliver all over Northwest Indiana! Our base rate for normal size equipment is $60.00 (includes drop-off and pickup) for any deliveries within 10 miles of our store located at 512 Andrew Ave, La Porte, IN. For deliveries beyond the base rate, we charge an additional $1.20 per roundtrip mile after the initial 10 mile radius. Large equipment (e.g., Boom Lift, Bobcat) has a base rate of $100 for up to 10 miles and an additional $2.00 per roundtrip mile thereafter.

No! All of our equipment is available to be picked up directly at our store located at 512 Andrew Ave, La Porte, IN 46350. Anything picked up directly does not have a delivery charge.

Large equipment such as Bobcats, Boom Lifts, and Backhoes require a security deposit. Certain types of smaller equipment require a security deposit as well. Please see individually listed items on our website for exact details. Proof of insurance is only required for rental items that are picked up by the renter and require the equipment to be taken away as a tow-behind (e.g., Boom Lift, Bobcats, etc.).

All of our items can be rented for a 24 hour period, weekly, or monthly. Most of our equipment can also be rented for as little as 4 hours. Please check the individual item on our website for rates.

Yes, if equipment is excessively dirty at the time of return or pickup, we will collect a cleaning fee to ensure it is ready for the next customer. The excessive cleaning fee is $50 for large equipment and $20 for small equipment.